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Here I will be sharing with you my hobby -- dollhouse miniatures -- and one project in particular:  My Spanish Buttercup.  My plans are for the house to be occupied by a bakery, which I have decided to name LA MARIPOSA (Spanish for Butterfly).   Since the dollhouse kit is called the   Buttercup Cottage, and I happen to love butterflies ... I decided that it would be a close enough match for both the bakery and the mini club to which the baker's wife belongs.
Rik Pierce's Sketches
My Spanish Buttercup Journal
An Exciting Challenge
After about ten years of building dollhouses    and   room boxes in the 1/12 scale  more or less the way they were designed by the manufacturer, now I feel ready to tackle a project that involves changing the house's entire facade.  
But I am not alone in this endeavor.  I have received a great deal of support and encouragement from my friends on the  Ocelots  and  Buttercuplets lists, especially my dear       friend Jonesy.   My thanks go to her and, in a very special way, to  Rik Pierce, a fellow member of the Buttercuplets list who so generously offered to draw some sketches with his ideas for my project. Rik created a wonderfully imaginative design for me to work with.  It will transform a Victorian style cottage into a genuine Spanish style house!
For more details see My Project Journal.
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My Plans For La Mariposa Bakery ...
And Las Mini Mariposas Club
I  have   always  wanted to have a bakery because I enjoy working with the clays  (both the polymer   and air   drying   varieties),  so   as soon as I saw the Buttercup special offer  made by House   of   Miniatures I jumped at the chance to finally realize my wish. The Buttercup dollhouse kit, manufactured by Corona    is   a   two-room Victorian style cottage,    so I  will be able to have my bakery downstairs, while the room upstairs will be used as a meeting place for (what else?) a dollhouse miniaturists' club.  In this way I will be able to combine the two   scales I enjoy the most:  1/12 scale  and micro scale, more commonly   known  as 144th scale, or dollhouse's dollhouse scale.
I am looking forward to actually starting construction on the house.  I am in the planning  stages  right now  but  soon,   God willing,  I  will be able to start.  I figure that I will either be  elated   by   triumph ... or fall flat on my face in front of everybody.   LOL    But in spite of my many mini  fears, it is an honor to even attempt to bring to life the ideas of such a talented artist.   I will try  very hard to do justice to Rik's design and make us both proud!  :-)
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