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My dear friend Jonesy's Dust Bunnies experiment inspired our mutual friend, Pat   M., to   create this witty and delightfully                             whimsical vignette.  It was a birthday present for Jonesy.    
The  witty   vignette  portrays the  bunnies hard at work,  taking   out  the  Buttercup kit  from  under the bed, and starting construction on it.
Pat made just about  everything in the vignette, including the lovely knitted quilt.   She paid attention to every detail, including the glue, wallpaper book, and paint.  These industrious bunnies can come to my house anytime!  :-)
I would like to thank my fellow Ocelots, Jonesy and  Pat,  for allowing me to share this project with you.  But Pat's talents do  not    stop  there;  she also does some wonderful Fimo baked goods and foods.  Jonesy is a Fimo artist  also, but  her specialty are marvelous plants and flowers.  As you can see, I  have  very  creative  friends!