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Rik is a very talented artist  from Visalia, CA  who   enjoys
working with pen and ink,  watercolors,  and acrylics.  His love   for  history  has led  him  to  create models  and  historical  figures, but he also has been  fascinated  by  architectural  structures  and various forms of brick laying.   His  Old English Cottages, which form his Frogmorton Village, are made of real brick and other natural materials.  You can view more of his  works  of  art  by visiting his web site  at  Frog Morton Studios.
Since Rik  specializes in creating fantasy cottages drastic transformations, such as the one called for in this project, are not new to him.  "Reality is a great place to visit ... but who would want to live there?"    That is one of Rik's mottos and, I suspect, one of the things that keeps such a creative imagination young and overflowing with marvelous ideas.
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From Buttercup To Butterfly
Rik''s    design  will  make it  possible  for  a  Victorian  style  Cottage  to  turn into  a   Spanish  style house,  very much like  a  caterpillar  turns  into  a  butterfly.     I  don't  mean to imply  that  the Buttercup does not have  a  lovely design, but rather that the transformation will be just as dramatic.     With  the design changes  he  has  dreamed  up, my   Spanish bakery  will not easily betray its origins!  
Spanish Buttercup -- Front View
Rik's handwritten notes highlight  the changes  that   are needed for the transformation.     This front views shows  changes to the facade, the front door. windows, as well as the addition of red Spanish tiles on the roof.  Design by Rik Pierce.
Design Changes To The Buttercup
Rik's design calls for some important structural changes in the  Buttercup.  As he noted in the notes that he made on the  sketches,  the  transformation requires the use of 1/2" thick  foamcore board (or two  1/4"   thick   boards   glued    together), since a whole new facade must be created.
Even  thicker   walls  are  required for building  the  horno  (fireplace)  and the  chimney -- two  1/2"  thick   foamcore  boards glue together are used for this addition.
Spanish Buttercup -- Side Views
View of both sides of the house.  The one on the left is the side with the bay window and the changes to the facade.  The view on the right shows the fireplace and the chimney addition (side window will be eliminated).  Design by Rik Pierce.
Other Changes Include:
A total redesign of the front door, leaving out the arch in the original door.  The door is made out of wooden planks, rather than one solid piece of wood.
Cast iron hardware will be added.
The two side windows that were flanking the front door will become nichos for statues.
The other two windows on the side of the entrance area, and all the round windows in the original design will be eliminated as well.
All the windows will have a simpler design and will be set inside the thicker walls, with no outside trim.
The horno (fireplace and chimney) will extend outside the house.
Both exterior and interior walls will be plastered.
In typical Southwestern style, round vigas will be added, extending through the exterior walls.
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