Wiring & Finishing The Exterior


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  Wiring the Roombox

  Finishing the Roombox


Wiring The Roombox




Figure 1 - View from top of ceiling.  Note the "L" drawn on left side of board.  The “L” is in line with the space behind the wall where the scenic background is.  Notice the light bulb back in the left hand corner.  It is placed there so that it can provide light to both sides of the view.  The small pieces of wood are glued on to prevent the wires from shifting positions.





Figure 2 - View of ceiling showing the light fixtures.  The ceiling paper was glued to poster board and glued solid, as the ceiling does not have to come out to remove the lights. They just poke through the holes. The corner bulb (which will light the scenic background) is left bare.  The light fixtures were made by gluing tiny jewelry findings to light bulbs. 






Figure 3 - The room with the ceiling in place.  The lights will be brighter when they are hooked up to a transformer, rather than the 9v battery I have in this one.  You may decide to put another light in the back, where the tree is.  I think I may do this in another room, but at this point I couldn’t add the fixture, so make sure before you glue the ceiling in (if you opt to glue it in). 







Figure 4 - View of wiring, taped to top of ceiling, in preparation for placement of the box top. 







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Finishing the Roombox and Exterior


Now that the wiring is in place, it is time to add the finishing touches.




Figure 5 - View of the room lit up and with the front panel and top in place.  The panel conceals the wiring hook up and once it is wallpapered it will have a nice, finished look.







Figure 6 - Top of box is finished.  As you can see, I chose not to glue on the ceiling and to have the top removable, in case I need to fix the wiring sometime in the future.  I added a lip under the cover for better fit.  My thumb is holding the front top panel






Figure 7 – Top of box being put in place, so front panel hides wiring from view.









Figure 8 - View showing the marbleized exterior of roombox.  Top front facade has the same wallpaper as the interior walls.  Options:  You can paint the box in a solid color, stain it, or wallpaper it.  Be creative!






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