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Welcome, Micro Friends!


This web site was created for the purpose of sharing the project the MSAT Micro Minis List is currently working on.It is an ambitious project, indeed, but one which the list has embraced with enthusiasm and hopeful expectations.But it was not always so.


When Anita McNary-Haynes first suggested to the List working on a micro adaptation of Brooke Tuckerís Golden Christmas Room as a group project most of the members thought it was way beyond the reach of any but the most experienced micro miniaturist.For one thing the complexity of the room--although it is absolutely beautiful--is a bit daunting to anyone who has not been fortunate enough to participate in one of famed Artisan Brooke Tuckerís classes.But Anita insisted that it was doable Ö if we just thought of the project as boxes within boxes.Once she put it that way, we started thinking that maybe it could be done!


To encourage us and help us in our new endeavor, Anita set about adapting the design.Since certain changes were necessary to suit the smaller scale and the 144th scale version varies a tiny bit from the original plan, Anita called her version White Christmas Room.†† Then she built a prototype of the project and, as she worked, she shared the experience with the group by chronicling her progress with wonderful close-up, step-by-step photos of her roombox.Here is a compilation of the instructions and photos, so you can build your own White Christmas Room.††


Enjoy the project!


We would like to give thanks to Brooke Tucker for allowing us to do the adaptation of her beautiful design.


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Golden Christmas Room: Building A Miniature Masterpiece

It will help greatly if you have Brookeís Golden Christmas Room book, published by Kalmbach.It can be found at miniature and bookstores everywhere.If you have difficulty finding it, you can always get in touch with the publisher by clicking on the link for Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine, or visiting any of the other online merchants listed below.


The Art Of Finishing 144th Houses Like A Professional

Anita McNary-Haynes has written a very thorough workbook on micro dollhouse building, which is available at her web site.It is full of tips and information from choosing a kit, to building, finishing, decorating, and landscaping it.It is a must for anyone interested in this scale!


Quarter Connection Project

An adaptation of the Golden Christmas Room is also a project for the Quarter Connection List.You can find the instructions and step-by-step photographs at our fellow micro miniaturist Sandy Dohrmanís site.The ľĒ scale version is called the Christmas Memories Room.



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Want to see more of Brooke Tuckerís creations?Purchase her Golden Christmas Room book?Order Anitaís workbook on finishing 144th houses?See photos of the Quarter Connection project?Just click on the links below and they will take you there!


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Quarter Connection List


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