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  Assembling the Walls

  Fireplace and Dividing Wall



Assembling The Walls




Figure 1 – Once the platform unit is glued in, I am ready to tackle the rest of the walls.  I am fitting the next wall back-to-back with the platform  -- making sure the doorway is the same size, and trimming to fit.  The wall is NOT glued on at this point, it is being held in place with a hair clip.






Figure 2 - I have placed the wall on the floor as a guide to draw in where the room divider will go.  I then placed the wedge-shaped spacer (made from tag or poster board) in the back corner.  The spacer will brace the slanted wall in the right hand corner)










Figure 3 - After cutting, I am fitting the back and right end walls.  I use hair clips to hold them in place while I am measuring.  Using the fitted walls as a template, I will cut the wallpaper next.








Figure 4 - I have fitted the wall, glued it to the wallpaper and cut out for an oval mirror in the slanted portion of the wall.   Note the angled wall in the right hand corner as you face the box -- Brooke Tucker mirrored it from ceiling to floor.  You would not have to wallpaper this part if you decide to do that, but instead use the self-stick “mirror” mylar – or you can put it over the paper in any shape you wish.  I made the mirror a large oval mirror in mine and painted a thin gold edging around it as a frame.




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Fireplace and Dividing Wall





Figure 5 - This is the beginning of the fireplace in the dining area (back wall).   Note:  For instructions for building the fireplace (and photo of finished item) please, see next page.









Figure 6 - The front wall divider.  Room division is made with a piece of 1/8" x 1/8" bracing the front at the ceiling and down the corners.  The posts are 1/16" x 1/16".  The gold striped paper you received in the kit is what I used to cut the gold stripe for around the opening and the front of the posts.   NOTE:  wrapping wallpaper around the post would be too bulky.  I then glued in the same material I used for the platform railing to create the dividing wall’s railing.







Figure 7 - Dividing wall is installed.  Fireplace is finished and installed in the dining area.  Room is now ready for the accessories and decorations to be set in place.






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