Adding Tree & Room Decorations


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  Adding Room Decorations

  Fireplace Instructions


Adding The Tree & Room Decorations


 Figure 1 - Floor plan showing the bracing behind the walls and the different areas of the room.  Notice that the Christmas tree is already in place on the platform.  The fireplace in the dining area has a wreath over it (instructions below).  The main fireplace in the living room area is in place, too. 








Figure 2 - A closer view of the living room area's fireplace.  Note the shelf over the mantle, the mirror, and decorations.










Figure 3 - Now the room is ready for the furniture to be added!








Figure 4 - Here you can see the entire room more clearly.  Notice the bracing behind the walls.  The furniture is in place.  Dining room has metal furniture.  More furniture would have made the small room seem too crowded.  The living room has a combination of custom crafted furniture and metal tables set around an area rug.





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  I made the fireplace mantles out of a piece of 3x5 card (you know, index card) painted gold.

  I made my fireplaces about 3/8” tall and a hair wider.

  The one in the dining area is a hair taller and wider as it doesn’t have the shelf above it.

  The shelf over the front fireplace is card stock also.



Fireplace construction:


The dining room fireplace was made by …


  Gluing the appropriate sizes of wood together to form a “U”…

  Wallpaper over it  (top photo shows that I mitered the paper at the corners), or paint in a faux finish. 

  Add mantelpiece and hearth made out of card stock or thin wood (see variations below)

  You can add a “fire” or place a plant inside fireplace.

  Add a screen by using some brass railing (available at railroad hobby stores) or filigree jewelry finding.


  Decorate the mantelpiece as desired.



  The mantelpiece and hearth can be wallpapered with paper imitating marble, granite, stone, etc. 

  It could also be faux painted to resemble those materials. 

  If made out of wood, the mantelpiece could be stained.



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