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      Lighting and Ceiling

      Building the Box


      Assembling Inside Walls



Lighting and Ceiling:

Placement of Lights


  I placed the dining area light in the center of the room, but you can place it wherever you like.


  There is one light over the platform and one in the front room area.


  In the back I have placed one light in the very corner (left hand corner).  It seems to be adequate.


This will work with a transformer or with a 9v battery hook up, if you prefer.  The lights are 12v, so they will be brighter on the transformer or direct-wired in a mini room to the 12v system.  You can also use a 12v battery pack using the larger batteries but it will be quite bulky.



  1. I first cut a base for the ceiling from a piece of poster board.
  2. When it had the proper fit, I glued some white textured paper (purchased at an art store) to the side that will be the ceiling of the room.
  3. On the other side I marked where my lights will go and with a pin made the first hole.
  4. Then with a pointed tool I enlarged the hole to where the lights can barely slip through and tight enough to hold them where I placed them. 


     Warning:  If you make the holes too big your lights will just fall through, so be careful about this!!!


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Building The Box


  The first thing you need to do is build your basic box with directions on the Picture Trail site and on this web site.


  The second is to build your platform.  You will find the plan on the Blueprints page and at the Picture Trail site.  Or you can send me a SASE for the printout.  Those who bought kits have it in the kit.  You really should be able to make one from the pictures and dimensions on the page and on Picture Trail, though.


   After that, you can start on the interior walls.  Again, these plans were in the kit, and are currently on Picture Trail and on this web site.  E-mail Anita McNary-Haynes.



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Check your wallpaper and be sure that the lines are true vertically.  If not, trim the bit on the edges so they are.

  This is pre-pasted paper so if you are using poster board cut a piece the size of the wallpaper piece.

  Dip the wallpaper in water and hold it up a few seconds to drip off excess water and allow it to become tacky.

  Then affix it to the piece of poster board.


Note:  If you are one of the people for whom I cut the 1” pieces of poster board, do the same thing, but …

  Apply the strips of poster board to the wallpaper.

  Allow it to COMPLETELY DRY … and I do mean COMPLETELY or it will not cut … it will tear the paper and ruin it!!!


From here on the instructions apply to everyone…

  Then measure and …

  With a sharp knife and (preferably) a cork backed metal ruler, cut into 1” strips horizontally.


Note:  BE SURE you are cutting this so your wallpaper stripes run up and down.  Please, DOUBLE CHECK this BEFORE you cut!

  Next, cut out the wall patterns and …

  Cut out the windows in them.  Use the paper hole punch to cut out the rounded part of the Palladian windows.

  Cut them carefully and on the outside of the lines.


Note:  When you trace the Palladian windows onto the back of your walls they will be a hair smaller so you want to be sure you can have the full size for the window.


Important Note – PLEASE, READ!!!


  The printed side of the pattern is the side of the wall that you are looking at when you look in the room SO THIS SIDE MUST BE PLACED DOWN ON THE STRIPS that are ready to be marked and cut … OR YOUR ROOMS WILL BE REVERSED!


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Assembling The Inside Walls…


After you get the walls, platform and box done (I left extra length on walls as each will measure a hair differently) you will have to fit them as I did in the pictures.  (See instructions in the Assembling the Walls Page)


Mark where the left wall will be.


  Glue in your background picture (or pictures) …

Again, I took 2 different ones … they were 8x10 … and shrunk them to 12% and it was about right.

I used one for the back and made two of the other, placing them on the left wall.  Took one, plus part of the other to cover the area.


  Before you put in your divider wall you should probably make the fireplace for the back wall and hearth (see instructions in the “Adding Tree And Furnishings” page.


  I fitted the carpet and placed the fireplace hearth where I wanted it and cut out the carpet to fit the hearth.


  Remember also, if you are going to mirror, or partially mirror the slanted wall to do it before installing the wall, but after fitting it.




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