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The links on this page will take you to web sites that any miniaturist will enjoy … and some that are of special interest to those who have been bitten by the micro bug.  J

We strive to keep the list as current as possible so, please, let us know if any of the URLs have changed or if any of the links don’t work.



144th Scale


  Anita McNary-Haynes Originals – Picture Trail Album -- Specializes in one-of-a-kind and original 144th scale finished dollhouses and roomboxes, kits, furniture, painted metal furniture, etc.  She also carries a selection of Southwestern items in several scales.

  Braxton Payne – 144th scale paper roombox kits

  Frances Armstrong (Toys in Miniature - Erin, Ontario) – Specializes in 144th scale finished dollhouses, roomboxes, roombox and furniture kits, etc.   Check out her extensive and wonderfully detailed project pages with instructions for roomboxes, dollhouses, dolls, and more!  `

  Pear Tree Miniatures  - Specializes in 144th scale Tudor style houses and furniture.

  Rob Read  (Small and Smaller) – Specializes in 144th scale roombox kits.

  Sandy Kaye (Bears and Miniatures) – Includes a 144th scale resource guide

  Susan Karatjas – (SDK Miniatures) – Flowers, furniture kits, etc…


Other Scales (1/12, ½ , ¼ , etc.)


  Anne Gerdes – (Northwestern Naturals) – Rustic furniture and accessories.

  Annie Pierce - (Annie’s Dolls) – Original and one-of-a-kind porcelain dolls in 1/12, 1/24, and 1/48 scales.

  April Showers Miniatures – Wide variety of flowers, arrangements, etc.

  Brooke Tucker – Specializes in original roomboxes, put-abouts, and other scenes in her unmistakable style.

  Denise’s Miniature Porcelain Dolls – A wide variety of contemporary dolls.  

  Jeannette Fishwick – Specializes in knitted baby clothes.

  Pam Scott - (LEN) – One-of-a-kind furnishings, accessories, paintings, and furniture kits.

  Private Collection – Hardwood floors in a variety of styles and scales.

  Sally Dohrman’s - (Sally’s Originals) – A wide variety of roomboxes, furnishings and accessories, kits, etc. in ¼” scale.

  Sammy Smith (Happiness Is…) – Handcrafted miniature porcelain dolls, antique reproduction furniture and accessories.

  Smaller Than A Breadbox – Flower arrangements in 1/12”, ½” and ¼”.

  Susan Karatjas - (SDK Miniatures) – Flowers, furniture kits, etc. in 1, ½, and ¼” scales.

  Steve & Tori West (Mini Motion) – Specializes in delicate carvings of hummingbirds (and other species) in several scales.

  Trish Schwartzberg – (Contemporary Classics) – A variety of wonderful contemporary furniture styles, especially Scandinavian.

  Viola Williams – Porcelain dolls, Dolls In Miniature Magazine.


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Wood, tools, boards, glue, etc.


  Dick Blick – Mat, poster and illustration boards, foamcore board, specialty papers, pencils, micro paintbrushes, glues, clays (regular & polymer), rulers, stencils, cutters, etc.

  Earth & Tree – Miniature lumber, siding, glues, tools, dollhouse kits, etc.

  Sam H. Goode & Sons Workshop – Miniature lumber, precision cut hardwoods, custom cutting, moldings and tools.

  Hobby Builder Supply – Wood, glues, tools, dollhouse kits, furniture, etc.

  Lee Valley Tools – Power and hand tools, 1/32” plywood, dowels, rulers, clamps, storage containers, etc.

  Micro Mark – Miniature lumber, power tools, hardware, rulers, landscaping materials, glues, etc.  - Art supplies, but also has 1/32” thick plywood, dowels, landscaping materials, glues, paints, craft knifes and blades, etc.

  Mott’s Miniatures – Wood, glues, tools, dollhouse kits, furniture, etc.

  Oakridge Hobbies – Wooden, plastic and metal components, siding, stonework, etc. in several scales, including 144th, ¼”, etc. – Mini power tools and accessories, rotary tools and accessories.



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Jewelry findings, beads, lace, fabrics, etc.


  Anita McNary-Haynes Originals – JAF findings, metal and plastic railings, etc.

  Dolly’s Mini Dry Goods Emporium – Lace, trimmings, braids, etc.

  Enterprise Art – Beads, jewelry findings, glues, paints, wires, etc

  Primitive Earth Beads – Beads, beads, beads!

  Sandy’s Lace & Trim – lace, trimmings, braids, etc.

  Sunshine Crafts – Beads, jewelry findings, wooden accessories, glues (including Velverette), paints, etc.


Micro Furniture


  Anita McNary-Haynes Originals – Laser cut furniture kits, painted and unpainted metal furniture.

  Hobby Builders Supply – Metal furniture -- Caution:  most of the furniture is larger than 144th scale.



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  Barnes & Noble

  Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine (Kalmbach Publishing)

  Dolls In Miniature Magazine

  Jim Collin’s bookshop (link to Amazon, he gets a commission)

  Little Enough News – Bi-monthly magazine specializing in ¼” and 144th scale projects

  Powell’s Books



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Other Resources – Articles on miniatures, plus projects, printables, links, sources, etc.

  All Posters – This site is a place where you can spend hours browsing!  Tons of artwork to print for your personal projects. – The same can be said about this site, too!

  Better Homes & Gardens Magazine – Here you will find a great variety of online articles with interior decorating and landscaping ideas.

  Butchart Gardens (Victoria, Canada) – Great source for background garden scenes!

  Craft Connection – Projects (with detailed instructions) and a miniature store selling a variety of items, including Heidi Ott posable dolls, both naked and dressed.

  Eileen’s Page - Great source for wallpaper, and items to print.  Also projects.

  Fimozone – Fimo, Fimo, Fimo!  Information and tips on polymer clays, plus all types of supplies.

  Fiskars – At this site you will find not only products but also projects and ideas for their use.

  Jim Collins Page – Great source for accessories, wallpapers, bookcovers, and tons more of minis to print.

  Gran’s Attic – More projects and items to print.

  Home Portfolio – A great variety of designs of furniture, tiles, etc. to give you inspiration for your smaller scale projects.

  Japanese Doll House – Lots of Japanese kits, furniture, foods, and accessories.

  Jaye White’s Mini Links Page – Just about every mini link you may want … arranged in alphabetical order

  Jean Day Miniatures – Wonderful mini books and printables in several scales, including micro (144th) scale.

  The Carol & Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures – Museum and store.

  Mini Scenes and Things – Projects and links to mini web sites.

  Miniature Museum – Provence, France – Drop by for a visit – no walking!

  My – Just about every mini link you may want … arranged by categories!

  N.A.M.E. – English conversion chart page.

  Sue Heaser – Information on working with polymer clays and her books.

  The Ritcher Gallery – Lots of labels to print and use in projects!

  This To That – Just about everything you need to know about which glue to use to join this to that.

  Wee Folk   -- Polymer clay supplies, accessories, tips, and projects.



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