Members Gallery II

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  Kristie’s Version



The rooms showcased in this gallery are still works in progress.  Updated photos of the finished versions will be added as soon as they are available.


Kristie’s Version




Kristie’s version of the room is still a work in progress, but it already shows how beautiful a room it is.  It boasts an elegant buffet table in the dining area and a mirrored corner wall. 








A top view of the room shows all the structural elements in place, as well as the furniture.  The decorations give the room a very seasonal feeling.  As you can see, Kristie added some landscaping in the space between the background scene and the room’s walls, for added dimension. 









Front view of the room showing off the lavish Christmas decorations.  Adding the ceiling and wiring are still to be done at this point.










View of the room lit up.  Now all that remains is to add the top to conceal the wiring.  To be continued….





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