Instructions:  Furnishings


Table of Contents

  Tuxedo Couch and Chair

  Area Rug


  Hurricane Lamp

  Throw Pillows


Tuxedo Couch and Chair


The couch and chair were made from…

Balsa wood (for the base)

Cardstock (wrapped around the back and sides of the base, and glued in place)

Silk (for the upholstery and cushions) 

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Area rug


The area rug in front of the fireplace is made by…

Reducing a picture of a carpet (in a graphics program, such as Print Artist, Print Shop, MS Home Publisher, Corel Paint, Paint Shop Pro, etc.).  I bought this one from Sally Dohrman (it is printed on fine cloth)

Print it on fabric, quality printing paper, or velour/velvet paper.


To print on fabric …

Iron the fabric onto the shiny side of freezer paper (aka butcher’s paper)

And insert in printer (fabric side up).

When dry, seal with a spray matte sealer (such as Krylon).


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The wreath was made by using …


Bunka (to shape the wreath)

No-hole beads (for decoration)

And tiny silk ribbon bows.


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Hurricane Lamp


The hurricane lamp is made by:

  Inserting and gluing a piece of gold wire

  …Through 2 beads,

  …Allowing a small amount of wire to stick out of the top.

  …When glue is set,

  …Paint flowers on the beads

  …And trim off the excess on the bottom.

  Glue to corner table (which was made by cutting the back off a metal chair).



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Throw Pillows



The throw pillows are made from…

A small piece of velvet paper

…With flowers painted on them.






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