The Finished Room



The White Christmas Room

Micro in size but a Maxi in splendor!




We owe a huge debt of gratitude to two talented Artisans-- Anita McNary-Haynes and Frances Armstrong –- who so generously share with all of us on the Micro Minis List their knowledge and expertise in the field.  They are a constant source of help and encouragement.  They joined efforts in the How-To Tips Page.


Project design, instructions, and photography -- We particularly want to thank Anita for her wonderful adaptation of Brooke Tucker’s design, and her detailed instructions.  The wonderful close-up photographs of the project were taken by her with a Sony Mavica digital camera.


The tips in the Resource section in the Links Page were contributed by members of the Micro Minis List.  Our thanks to each and every one of our friends for their enthusiastic participation on the list and helping make the hobby so much fun!


Hope you have enjoyed browsing through these pages and that we may have encouraged you to give this project a try.  As you can see the results can be absolutely stunning!


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Last revised: December 2004