Building The Box & Platform

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Table of Contents

    Assembling the Box &Platform

   Marbleizing the Platform & Roombox

   Bracing & Template



Assembly Instructions

Assembly of The Box & Platform






Figure 1 - View showing roombox built from 1/16" basswood, the assembled platform steps, and two of the walls.






Figure 2 - The two Palladian windows on the left sidewall.







Figure 3 -- Platform assembled -- The platform was marbleized.





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Marbleizing The Platform and/or The Roombox Exterior




Paints in the desired colors (in this case I used Ivory, Mauve, Very Light Gray, Darker Gray, Gold, and Black)

18/0 script paintbrush

Paint palette

Semi-gloss Deft

Fine steel wool


The marbleizing was done by:


  First sanding the wood and removing the dust with a tack cloth.

  Then painting the area (platform and/or box exterior) with a base color (I used Ivory).


  Use a paint palette and dilute your secondary color (I used Mauve)

  Paint fairly large areas with this very diluted wash of color.


  Repeat with a Very Light Gray – doing smaller areas and overlapping the other color.


  Finish with a bit Darker Gray wash.


  Veining:  Take a small brush and make jagged lines of Gold for veining.

  Dilute some Black paint and with a 18/0 script brush make very thin black lines through the center of the gold you have painted – running in the same direction some, and others zigzagging (if it comes out of the gold area that is fine, too).


  When dry, make a very diluted Ivory wash and paint the whole thing (when dry, the wash mutes the colors and seems to blend them).


  Spray with a light coat of semi-gloss Deft and after dry use a fine steel wool to polish.

  Repeat several times for a good finish.



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Bracing and Template






Figure 4 - We talked about bracing on the back of the wall.  Here the bracing is held in place with hair clips, while it dries.  Look closely and you can see the mullions in the Palladian windows are done with white button thread glued on from the back!







Figure 5 - Here I have made the template for the back corner.  You can see the lines I drew before removing it.  It gives me a reference line where to glue my wall.  Note:  The wall goes on that line, not the braces ... but the bracing will hold firmly and give it body. 






Figure 6 - Before putting in the scene I chose for the background, I painted the area that may show on the brace and floor white and sprinkled “snow” on them after gluing in the picture.  Then I glued my background scene in place.  It is 8x10 calendar scenes reduced to 12%.  Took two of them – one for back wall, and cut two to fit together for the (longer) sidewall.






Figure 7 -- Here you see the platform unit ready to be glued on to the roombox.  Notice that the left sidewall, back platform wall, and the dining area dividing wall are in place.  So are the railings and the drapes and rods. 







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