Platform Blueprints

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  Blueprints of Platform

  Platform Measurements



Blueprints of Platform















The blueprints (drawn by Anita MH) showing the three levels or steps that make-up the platform where the tree (or piano) will be placed.



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Platform Measurements


The platform will be up 3 steps with a 9” rise per step.





The following measurements are clockwise, starting at the top of the drawing.





  Top platform step: 

21/32” – 19/32” – 1/32” – 1/8” – Ύ” – 1/8” – 1 Ό”

  Middle platform step:

21/32” – 19/32” – 1/32” – 3/16” - * - 3/16” – 1 5/16”

  Bottom platform step:

21/32” – 19/32” – 3/32” – Ό” - * Ό” – 1 3/8”


*Whatever the length is between the two points.


 Plans for the roombox and walls are available from Anita McNary.  Click on her name to E-mail her for her snail address.  Send a SASE, please.


Plans can also be found in Brook Tucker’s Golden Christmas Room book, but with the measurements and the photographs provided you should be able to build the box and walls without a problem.



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