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Chapter 1



Why On Earth

Would I Want To

Build A Dollhouse


What could possibly possess a person that would make them want to build a dollhouse? Well the answer to that question is as varied as there are people building them. Dollhouses have been around for many centuries. They somehow appeal to people from every age group. What is the appeal? I'm not real sure there is an absolute answer to that question but read on and you will find what some of our members had to say about the reasons they have become fascinated with the miniature world.


Text Box: When I was in junior high and high school, woodworking was a boys’ thing and girls didn't even think about taking those classes. My mom decided that I shouldn't have to take Home Ec. when she could teach me all about that - so I ended up in high school having to take a whole bunch of classes that I didn't do well in (Latin, Spanish, history, etc.) when in fact, woodworking and Home Ec. would probably have been just the very things I should have taken.

I have since taken a number of classes of various kinds, including jewelry, pottery, and the like. The dollhouse What I guess I'm getting at, in not very good explanatory terms, is that perhaps some of us make dollhouses and such as a way of satisfying the creative urge that was not brought out in past days. If I had been a guy, think I would probably have ended up building full-size houses or furniture, or perhaps being a plumber like my youngest son. If I were a teenager these days, I think I would be in a vocational school taking woodworking, learning welding, etc.

















































































































So as you see there are many reasons why people enter the miniature world. Has the miniature "bug" got hold of you? Are you ready to begin a journey into the world of miniatures? We hope so. We also hope that you will find miniatures a satisfying and rewarding adventure.  A hobby that will bring you many years of enjoyment and a great sense of satisfaction.

So let's begin our adventure! Our first step will be to give you some things to think about before you rush out and buy your first house. If you have a house already, read on anyway, I'm sure we will still have something to offer you.

So, without any further ado, let's start our journey.  A journey into the world of miniatures.   Specifically, the world of dollhouses.


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Last revised: April 2001