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Chapter 4


The Tools Of The Trade

Table of Contents

*   Basic tool kit

*   Extended tool kit

*   Dream tool kit (coming soon)


Now we have made our kit selection and have made the decision whether or not to electrify and have some ideas how to work safely. So, what tools are we going to need to make our kit a home?

The basic rule in almost any hobby is "you can't have enough tools". Tools are good. They are our friends. They make us happy. They look nice and feel good in our hands. But having already laid out a large chunk of the kid's inheritance to buy the kit, what tools do you really need to make your house a reality.


Basic Tool Kit

Building a dollhouse from a kit can be done with a bare minimum of tools. The instructions that come with your kit will have a list of what the manufacturer feels are enough tools to get you by. These generally include:







Masking tape
Rubber bands
Utility knife craft knife or scalpel and extra blades.
If it's a 3/8" kit, a hammer is recommended, as there is no way to pull out the bent nails if you use a rock.
Flat area to work on







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Extended Tool Kit

Based on our collective experience we have expanded the tools list to include:










Small craft hammer
Self-healing cutting mat or old phone books
Metal ruler - 6" and 12"
Hard lead pencils sharpened to a very fine point or a .05mm mechanical pencil
Assortment of sandpaper and sanding blocks
Miter box with a fine tooth razor saw
Sewing gauge with movable slide, calipers, or compass
Assortment of clamps
Spring type
Paper clamps
Glue gun
Some heavy books, bricks to hold pieces flat
Coping / jewelers saw
Long Handled Tweezers
Hemostats - locking type
Toothpicks - your choice - flat, round, plastic
Hand drill / assortment of small bits
Test light, if you are going to electrify your house
Small and medium screwdrivers Phillips and standard
Gluing jig or some Lego's
Several Golf Tees
Some sort of tool box or storage container














Looking at this list may at first glance seem intimidating, but most of these items are very inexpensive and readily available. None of these is absolutely necessary, but we feel they will simplify some of your mini home building challenges.

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Dream Tool Kit

As you gain experience and branch out into other areas of the hobby you will find other tools and equipment that will not only simplify the building process but will also allow you greater leeway in construction methods.

The following dream list represents what some of our members would like to include in their dream shop. These are by no means necessary to construct your home. They are just list to show how this hobby can grow with you as you continue to expand your interest in the hobby of miniatures.


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Last revised: April 2001